We Believe that people deserve to own their medical data.

Better medical data leads to better health. When that data is fully owned by the patient, it can have a transformational effect.

Thousands of people use PicnicHealth to track and manage their health history—and to share it with caregivers, loved ones, and researchers.

It’s our job to keep it safe and put you—and only you—in control.

Bringing medical history into the 21st century

We’ve made so much progress in healthcare, yet the most foundational aspect of it—medical records—is still stuck in the dark ages. It’s hard to find, impossible to understand, and difficult to share. This is a major problem that cannot be ignored. It’s time for a better way.

“I founded PicnicHealth because I have a right to own my medical data, and I was shocked that I couldn't even see it. As a Crohn's patient, there are so many things out of my control. My medical data shouldn't be one of them."
Noga Leviner,
PicnicHealth CEO

What is real data ownership?

Here’s what it means to us.

We’re patients, too—and we believe that better care happens when people have total control of their data. Real data ownership means more than just the right to wait in line for a copy of your records.

Access when you need it

You shouldn’t have to make phone calls, send faxes, and wait months for your information. Keep it right in your pocket—easily accessible from any device, anywhere.

A complete view your health

Keeping all of your medical records—labs, imaging, doctor notes, reports, and more—in one place lets you spot trends and quickly find the info you need.

Take it anywhere

When you visit a new doctor, share your complete history with them to prevent guesswork and wasted time running the same labs over and over.

Delete it any time

No longer wish to be a PicnicHealth customer? Your data is yours to download and take with you. You can even ask us to permanently delete it. (We promise not to take it personally.)

We’ll never share your data without your permission

You own your data, not us—we only store it securely for you. We give you choices about sharing your data, including who you share it with and when, and we’ll always respect your decisions.

Learn more by reading our privacy policy and terms of service.

Security is our top priority

We protect your data as if it were our own.

HIPAA compliant

We follow the highest standards set by law

End-to-end encryption

We employ bank-level security on your data

End-to-end encryption

We’ll never share your personal information without your explicit permission

Data backed up daily

If you’re in doubt, reach out. We’re here to make sure you fully understand our practices

Our Research Principles

We protect your rights and privacy.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews our studies to ensure people like you are well informed and are opting in willingly.

We’re committed to public good research

Anonymized medical data sets are free for qualified academic, non-commercial use.

Participation is up to you

You must proactively opt in. We’ll never share your information.

We anonymize your data

Before researchers receive your data, we remove any and all personally identifiable information.

Withdraw at any time

If you decide you'd rather not participate in research anymore, no problem. We will fully respect your decision, no questions asked.

Real people real stories
"Tracking down medical records from different offices across many years has always been a burden to both patients and providers, and a lack of records has led to wasted repetition of tests and omissions. This service is indispensable and a true game-changer for me and my patients!"
Dr. Rober Kang Shin
MD, Professor of Neurology, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
Real people real stories
“I’m excited to contribute my medical history to your research team to better understand this challenging disease. Not only will your research improve others’ journeys, it allows me and my doctors complete visibility of my entire medical history in one electronic file.”
PicnicHealth Research Participant
Real people real stories
“Dealing with sickle cell has been a lifelong rollercoaster. The thought of my voice being heard in the world of medicine is really what motivated me to join this study. Not only to advocate for myself but others and knowing the advocacy put forth will have both a powerful and positive impact.”
PicnicHealth Research Participant


If in doubt, reach out. We are here to help.

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