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When you control your data, you can make a real difference. It gives you the opportunity to make an impact on research efforts without even leaving your home.

Every person’s data is unique.

When more people combine their data, the more valuable that data becomes.

It enables researchers to identify trends and unlock insights that may lead to medical breakthroughs. Which means improving healthcare for you, your loved ones, and people all over the world

We’re proud to empower you to be a part of something bigger.

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PicnicHealth selectively partners with researchers on specific disease areas. By allowing these researchers to use anonymized records, PicnicHealth is able to provide study participants their medical record timeline for free.

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PicnicHealth anonymizes
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Researchers make

Our Research Principles

We protect your rights and privacy.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews our studies to ensure people like you are well informed and are opting in willingly.

We’re committed to public good research

Anonymized medical data sets are free for qualified academic, non-commercial use.

Participation is up to you

You must proactively opt in. We’ll never share your information.

We anonymize your data

Before researchers receive your data, we remove any and all personally identifiable information.

Withdraw at any time

If you decide you'd rather not participate in research anymore, no problem. We will fully respect your decision, no questions asked.

“As a patient myself, being able to shape the future of research is incredibly rewarding. I firmly believe we can better use technology to improve health outcomes.”
- Gillian Hanson, Physician and Director of Data & Informatics at PicnicHealth

Gillian is part of the founding team of PicnicHealth. She has been an advocate of patient-centered medicine as both a physician and a patient who has managed a coagulation disorder.

“I’m excited to contribute my medical history to your research team to better understand this challenging disease. Not only will your research improve others’ journeys, it allows me and my doctors complete visibility of my entire medical history in one electronic file.”
- Mike, PicnicHealth Research Participant

PicnicHealth and Genentech have teamed up to create FlywheelMS, a first-of-its-kind research study that combines the medical journeys of thousands of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) from across the US into a single research database.

“Dealing with sickle cell has been a lifelong rollercoaster. The thought of my voice being heard in the world of medicine is really what motivated me to join this study. Not only to advocate for myself but others and knowing the advocacy put forth will have both a powerful and positive impact.”
- Chinara, PicnicHealth Research Participant

PicnicHealth is developing a new study to understand what diagnosis, care, and progression look like for people living with sickle cell disease.

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