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No phone calls. No faxes. No navigating patient portals. PicnicHealth gathers all of your medical records so you don't have to.

Get more value from your health care

PicnicHealth does all the work of collecting, digitizing, organizing, and encrypting your records for you.

There’s a reason why no one has been able to collect all your medical records, from all your doctors, regardless of when you saw them, where you lived, or what insurance you had. Most records are still on paper and many can only be retrieved by fax machine. Those that are stored electronically are usually on different systems that don’t connect to each other.  It can take months to track them down, and they can be hard to sort through what matters.

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Initial collection of all past records

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Per month if you renew annually


Per month if you renew annually

Picnichealth Includes:


  • Proprietary record collection, digitization, organization, and encryption
  • See doctor notes, lab results, images, and everything else in your records


  • Nurse review and PicnicHealth Accuracy Guarantee
  • Easy-to-use searchable Timeline of all your records


  • Access from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • See doctor notes, lab results, images, and
    everything else in your records


  • Ultra-secure protocols and 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Delete your records at any time

Want to contribute to breakthroughs in medicine?

PicnicHealth is currently collaborating on research for a select number of diseases. We expect to add additional disease areas in the future. Interested in having us research another disease? Let us know.

Contribute your medical information to a PicnicHealth research study and you get your records for free—that’s a $698 value in your first year. PicnicHealth collaborates with some of the world’s leading researchers to power research that is finding tomorrow’s breakthroughs on the toughest medical challenges. Your information is anonymized to maintain your privacy.

Own your records. Share your history.

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